January 13, 2008

just one year ago,
I had just arrived in Melbourne, Australia.
No idea of anything, in the middle of the night, arriving at Southern Cross Station and wandering around through Melbourne’s CBD at 4 am in the morning not knowing that the “night” I booked in my hostel would end 5 hours later.

A – of course – chaotic start of one of the greatest periods in my live so far.
I met “hundreds” of germans backpacking along the East Coast in Australia and even here every second guy has been to Australia backpacking. (I think Australia (or at least the East Coast) might become the new german colony. like Mallorca)

But everybody acts different, thinks different, spend his time differnet… just lives different. So everybody get different experiences.
You might meet a guy who has been at the same place as you’ve been, doing the same stuff (probably drinking ^^ – what else are german backpackers doing in Australia), meeting almost the same people (either other germans, irish or english people) but still, his experience of this place will be completely diffent to yours.

In the end you have 100 people doing almost the exact same trip:
Starting in Sydney, driving down to Melbourne, St. Kilda, CBD, MCG, Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, Wine tasting, Kangaroo Island, Ayers Rock, Olgas, Kings Canyon, Darwin, Katherine National Park, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Diving, sailing at Withsunday islands, 4WD Tour on Fraser Island, stopping by at all these beach towns like Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Townsville, Airlie Beach,… .

The locations are the same but the feelings and impressions are just different.

My trip was extremely fun (I think Jochen was quite a big reason for that 😀 ), and just great but sometimes I regret that I didnt see more from the real country and the people. Australians – not irish or english.
Ok the good thing is, that I lived in Melbourne and met there just the most coolest people ever 😀 but for example Paddy, a good friend of mine who spent 6 month travelling around Australia starting at the eastcost and finishing on the west coast. He explicit tried to avoid all tourist trips, stay in small and familiar hostels where you really meet people and get to know them (although you just know them for 2-3 days).

I wanna do this one day. Maybe not in Australia but somewhere else….

Although the world is small, its big enough.

P.s.: 1. Happy new year *cough* – forgot about that.
2. Dont take everything I wrote too serious 😉

One comment

  1. Hi Benny,

    it’s good to read something about your experiences but also about your feelings and a lot of how you think about your journey to Australia.
    Be glad that you could have been spent some months there in this beautiful country.

    But also we are lucky, that you came back in good health and awake and very upgrown 🙂 .


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