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Last but (not) least

December 31, 2007

31. December….

Today started good for me…
I forgot the PIN of my new mobile and now its blocked, because I typed it wrong three times. Damn… I was 100% sure about it… until now ^^
Now I have to wait until I’m back in Karlsruhe to unblock it again.

Additionally to that I forgot to put the milk in the fridge again last night when Chri and I did our maths-learning-marathon (supported by a lot of coffee) the “whole” night (until 0 am, then we watched TV until 4 and then went to bed (“Hellboy” sux…!)). As reaction to that my milk decided to become some cheesy creamy semifluid stuff and my coffee stayed black this morning 😛

But except for this day this year was one of the coolest ever.
So much new experiences, people, friends, cities,…. It just couldnt have been better!

I learned a lot about other people, other cultures and about myself and I think I’ve never changed my personality and way of thinking as much as I did during the last 12 months.

Lets see what the next year brings…

Have a great new years eve and a good start into the next year.