Strange feeling…

September 7, 2007

I just have a strange feeling.
I dont know really why.
It was soo good to come back to Melbourne after our trip. Not that the trip was any bad – it couldn’t have been better – but just to be back in Melbourne, my “home” for the last almost 8 month was just such a good feeling.
I was back home.
Not “real” home.
Not Germany
Not Hessdorf
Just Melbourne

I walked with Jochen through the city two days after we arrived from Sydney and everything just seemed to be so familiar. The street names, restaurants, the Yarra, Crown Casino and the fire show, the cafes and shops, even the people.
I caught up with almost everyone in the last days and it was as if I had never been away. I had dinner with Ish at “Spicey noodles” on La Trobe, the place we had dinner the day I moved into our appartment and so many more times after that. I’ve been to the Siemens office in Bayswater three times to say good bye to everyone or just to hang around and distract everybody from work – kind of.

Now it’s Friday night, I’m lying on the floor of my room at Steph’s house where I lived for the last 2 weeks (You’re the best, Steph! 🙂 ) and I try to get organised.
Try to sort all my stuff and pack it into a suitcase and a backpack.
Try to put the live of 8 month into two pieces of cotton and zippers.
Try to get ready to leave this beautiful country.

Maybe I’m just nervous
Nervous about how all the things have changed
Nervous about how my family and friends have changed
Nervous about how I have changed

Also, I think I’m just not ready to go yet…


  1. Hi Benny,

    you are very sentimental.

    I think it’s a little bit “normal” because you had a wonderful and great time in Australia.

    A lot of new friends and so many experiences you had never been (?) before.

    But also in Germany a lot of people are glad to see you ….. soon :-).
    So, I wish you still have some (one, two) 🙂 nice days in your “Homecity” and I hope nice friends will escort you through this hardly time of departure.

    Feel, I take you in my arms 🙂
    many greetings,

  2. Hi Benny,

    das klingt soooo schrecklich sentimental. Fast so wie mein “Los”, nur mit anderem Vorzeichen.

    Freu dich auf alles was kommt. Klar, 8 Monate Australien haben dich um ein Vieles mehr geprägt als 8 Monate Hessdorf (haha). Logisch – muss auch so sein.

    Viele deiner Freunde befinden sich gerade im Umbruch, nach der Schule, raus ins Leben. Du wirst auch bei ihnen Veränderungen mit Verwunderung feststellen und nicht jede mögen.
    Nimm 8 Monate Australien fest verankert in deiner Erinnerung mit nach Hause, halte sie fest, sie sind so kostbar!!

    Ich hoffe, du hast deinen Blog gespeichert.

    Deine Familie erwartet dich jedenfalls sehnsĂĽchtig zurĂĽck. Zwischenzeitlich gab es BefĂĽrchtungen, dass du es dir anders ĂĽberlegen könntest…

    Komm gut zurĂĽck!
    Deine Conny und Ralf

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