July 29, 2007


Before I start writing about how awesome Cairns and Queensland is: I decided to write all Blogposts – beyond now – in English. Several reasons,
1. I can practise my English 😉
2. All english-speaking friends can understand it – although some of them speak german (or at least try to 😉 )
3. See 1. and 2. 😉

I hope my English is readable and everybody can understand it. I thought about writing in German AND English but, seriously, I can’t be bothered to write the same shit twice 😉

Ok small recap:
Friday was my last day at work :/ Unfortunately. After 6 Month and two extensions they finally got rid of me.
On Friday I had a small farewell party at my place in the City. I haven’t had time to organise something big, so all what I did was buying drinks and cooking some food. I bought way too much drinks.
I went with a friend to buy everything, and after buying we realised that two people are a bit too less to carry all the stuff back to my place. We had 2 slaps of beer, 1 bottle bourbon, 1 bottle wodka, 4 bottles wine, 6 litres softdrinks and 5-6 bags of other stuff like chips, bread, etc… It took us 45 minutes to get with all this stuff out of the shopping centre to the next interception (ca. 100m). There we took a cab back to my place (ca. 800m) 😀
We endet up with 6 spare bottles (two brought by friends) of wine, one bottle Wodka, and 2 1/2 sixpacks of beer.
I took the Wodka with me to cairns 🙂
Yesterday (Saturday) I packed all my stuff and “moved out” of my appartment. Not really. I just packed all my stuff in my backpack and my suitcase and left the suitcase behind the sofa 🙂 .I really struggled to fit everything in. My Backpack had at the Airport 26 KG. Shit 😀 My poor back. Basically I put all my clothes in the backpack. Plus some books, computer, camera, sleepingbag, etc… And the Notebook and Camera were not included in the backpack 😀

Of course I forgot to give Ish my keys for the appartment. He called me this morning and asked me if I still have them… SHIT! 😀 Now I try to find a post office or send them somehow back to Melbourne.

Anyway… we left Melbourne at 8:30 and arrived in Cairns around 12. When we got out of the plane it was sooo warm. Quite humid though but soooo cool warm 😀
I’m used to freezing cold since a few month in Melbourne and now you can walk at night outside with just shorts and short sleves 😉

Jochen and me are staying in the Cairns YHA hostel in the city. At the moment in a 8 dorm share room.
This morning we booked a diving tour for the next few days. Tomorrow at 9am we’ll get picked up and have two days theory and training in a pool. If everything works out we are proud owners of a PADI diving license on tuesday afternoon. After that we start on Wednesday morning for a 3 days diving trip out to the reef. We spend two nights on the boat and will do 9 dives, one of them at night. Beauty!! 🙂 I’m excited. Let’s see if we find Nemo (“FISHY, FISHY, FISHY!!!!”) 😉

After booking and spending a lot of money (definitely cheaper than in Germany but still expensive) we went to trinity beach in the north of Cairns. The bus’ engine sounded like a plane engine and the bus driver hit at least 5 traffic islands on the way there. The driver on the way back was better – only 3. If there was a traffic islands they didn’t try to drive around, they just went straight :D.
The beach was really nice. Not too many people, hot weather (25-30 degrees) and nice water.

It’s funny. Cairns is located directly at the ocean but doesn’t have any ‘usable’ beach. All they’ve got is mud. Heaps of mud. And then after more and more mud you can see the water… approx. 300-400 meters away.
They built a fake beach right next to the coast. It’s basically a pool with sand in it but it’s ok. When you turn around you can see the mountains behind Cairns only a few kms away. Not the kind of mountains like in Germany. They are more like rainforest mountains. Full of trees and completely green. 😉
I forgot to take my camera, but jochen took his, so here some pictures from today 🙂










Sentence of the day (from my mum):

Im Grunde sind es die Verbindungen mit Menschen, die dem Leben seinen Wert geben.
(Wilhelm von Humboldt)

Tried translation:
Basically it’s the connection between humans that creates the life’s value.


  1. well,

    little big boy, the literary quality is growing up in your blog! Go ahead and maybe in some month you’re able to earn money with amusing travelogues.
    Perhaps you should try to achieve better back light photos, but the rest is very good to read!

    Have a nice diving course and send my greetings to the sharks!

    Love you!

    Old Dad

  2. Hi Benny,
    oh mist, it needs much concentration (schreibt man das so?) reading your blog.
    I think I will only have a look at the pictures – it makes me jealous enough!
    Attention to the sharks, please! And the crocodiles of course! Don’t mix them up with NEMO!
    Conny and Ralla

  3. Hi Benny,

    must I ?
    Well I’ll do my very best!


    With my English dictionary on the left and my old English knowledge on the right I will try it.
    Today I think a lot of your diving course and I wish you a wondeful sight up in the ocean and a lot of nice coloured fishes.
    Be aware of the sharks! They are special exciting animals, but also dangerous! Keep sufficient distance please!
    So I think it’s good to wish you always enough air and a reliable buddy!
    Enjoy the diving and the fascinating world down under!
    In love

  4. Hi Benny,


    nobody else trust in writing a comment for you in English!

    Where are all the pupils from the English advanced course from Herzogenaurach’s grammar school?????
    Maybe sleeping or on tour.

    What shells 😉 , I try it again!

    A lot of lovely greetings and I’m thinking of you!
    Have a nice day,

  5. @Dad:

    Yep I think I keep on trying first 😉
    Taking pictures against the sun is pretty hard because the sun is sooo bright and warm and sunny and… up here :)))

    @Conny & Ralla:
    I bet you can still remember some typical aussie sentences (I like the “oh mist” 😉 )

    I don’t even know some of the words you used 😉 (regards to the dictionary)
    As you already know, diving was awesome and the sharks as well. Unfortunately we only saw 2 sharks really far away at the night dive. And during the day they were sleeping most of the time.

    Everybody can leave german comments. I just started to blog in english for all the aussie guys.

  6. Hehehe… I had to do a double take of your last photo with you and Jochen.. Thought you 2 were looking like a glamourous couple and holding hands.. =P

    Yes… Still jealous…

    – C –

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